Old Balls and Small Dicks:


I had a good laugh making this video tonight. After all small dicks are always something I find funny and add to that big old balls and it’s fucking hysterical. Have any of you ever given any thought to the fact that in most cases your balls are bigger then your cock? Think of it, that tiny dick trying to peek out, yet all a woman can see are those big old wrinkly balls. Oh well; can’t fuck the cock, so hey at least if she’s in the mood to amuse herself she can play with your sad old big balls! http://www.clips4sale.com/store/34237

Little Dicks and Condoms That Fit:

I know the title alone is funny as hell, but truth be told most of you have such small cocks you can’t find a condom to fit the itty pecker. Just thinking about that makes me laugh and long for a picture of you sad twits with that normal size condom hanging off your small dicks. But hey, don’t fear the Queen is here to help all you morons out. There is hope; well for a condom to fit your tiny dick that is, not for you ever having sex. But as I always say; Dare to dream. So just in case you ever find a woman dumb enough to let you fuck her, I have a solution for you. Go to Wal-Mart, a drug store, what ever, look where they have the latex gloves for “Finger Cots”. Take my word for it, they will be just the right fit for that sad little thing you call a dick. So go out and buy a pack, and keep hoping to find someone out there that will give the little pecker that thought it could a try.

Oh and for more on small condoms don’t forget to check out my clips.

Sad Tiny Dick Losers

The Queen has made a special clip just for all you sad losers with small dicks that dream of things you can never have. Want to hear a true story of how your lovely Mistress brought this silly twit down a peg or two? I must say I had a good time humiliating this moron, and laughed my ass off for hours afterwards. Lesson to be learned here; if you’re a loser then don’t try to get a beautiful woman, go for some ugly gal that will take you even if you are a loser with a small dick. http://www.clips4sale.com/store/34237

Halloween And Losers

Halloween is near can you losers smell it in the air? In case you losers haven’t noticed Halloween is the Queen’s favorite time of the year. A time for make believe, one night out of the year for anyone to get a chance to be something they normally wouldn’t have the nerve to be at any other time. What does this mean to all of you sorry losers out there? Well that’s an easy one to answer; sissy girls can dress up without worry of what others think, small dick wonders can make believe they are real men and dress macho in hopes of finding a woman. The skies the limit on this wondrous night for small dicks that dream of pleasing a woman, sissy girls that dream of pretty things, and sluts that dream of being a whore for the night. Now I know most of you twits don’t have a clue as to how to pull this off so the Queen is here to help you out. So here’s the deal; just give your lovely Queen a call and I will walk you through your night of fantasy. But remember; once the clock strikes midnight you’re night of make believe will soon be over and all you sad losers, sluts, tiny dicks and sissy girls will have to go back to being yourselves again. Have no fear my sweets, the Queen will be here to listen and laugh at you’re sad asses no matter what time of the year it is. Now doesn’t that make you feel better just knowing that you can always count on someone as fine as me to take time out of my busy day just to laugh at you?

Small Dicks and Summer Time Fun

The Queen has some sad news for all you small dick wonders out there; summer time is here and that means for most fun in the water. What does this mean to you? Well you already have a small cock, and going into the cold water is just going to make the poor thing shrink even more. My advice to all of you sad losers is to be very careful not to let any woman see you with your trunks down. If they do you won’t have a chance in hell of even getting to first base with the woman. But then again as we all know if you do manage to get her into bed, once you go to stick that itty bitty dick in her pussy she won’t feel a damn thing. Hell she could have more fun pleasuring herself with a tampon then your pathetic cock. Let’s see; wait a minute I’m trying to think of a solution to your problem, this is a hard one I have to admit…. Alright; the way I see it is if any of you bitches ever want to climax you have two choices; 1) buy a cantaloupe, hollow out a hole, and pump away, 2) Get yourself a Fleshlight , it feels just like a real pussy and probably will be the closest you’ll ever come to a pussy. Now go fourth and fuck some fruit or fuck you’re Fleshlight , but hey at least you’ll be fucking something for a change. HAHA!

Peek a Boo; I thought I saw a pecker:

A pecker, a pecker; what a woman would do for a life size pecker! Do any of you twits out there understand or even know what size a dick should be? I ask this because even with my posting about small dicks you still keep trying to show that poor excuse of a cock to me and others. I swear I saw a ding a ling today that couldn’t have been more then 2 inches; if even that fucking big. I almost feel out of my damn chair laughing when I saw the pics that moron sent to me with his sad little thing peeking through his bush. Yes I said bush. Why? Because you stupid pissheads have the damned hairiest nest down there around your tiny cock and big old balls. HAHA Shit maybe you should try trimming that mess before you try to show someone your tiny pride and joy. It might have a better chance of showing up with less hair. But if you do decide to trim that bush, be careful of that tiny ding a ling; after all you don’t want to get mixed up thinking it’s a hair and chop it off! HAHA Damn I’m laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my beautiful face just thinking about that poor little cock that thought it could. That’s right you bitches; just keep saying, I think I can, I think I can, and maybe, just maybe it might be an inch bigger with your next hard on. Not! HAHA