Small Dick Losers and Christmas Time:


Once upon a time there was a small dick loser; humiliation was all he got every time he dropped his pants. You see every time he thought he might get lucky with a real woman, she would laugh once she saw the tiny cock he had to offer. Sad little loser would hang his head in shame and have to spend his night as he spent all his nights playing with his own itty pecker. Even sadder still is the fact that each and every Christmas small dick loser hopes he will get lucky and finally find a woman that doesn’t mind being poked with a cock she can’t feel. HA HA, instead of saying or we there yet, she says have you started yet. Why? Because his cock is so damn tiny how in the hell would she know if he has even entered her pussy yet? Oh well; I get great enjoyment out of telling you losers this; but once again you will spend the Holidays wanking on your sad little penis all by yourself. But hey; the Queen will be around on Christmas eve and day, so if you need someone to laugh at your ass while you’re trying the two finger wank, by all means give me a call. I can always use a good laugh on Christmas!

Sad Tiny Dick Losers

The Queen has made a special clip just for all you sad losers with small dicks that dream of things you can never have. Want to hear a true story of how your lovely Mistress brought this silly twit down a peg or two? I must say I had a good time humiliating this moron, and laughed my ass off for hours afterwards. Lesson to be learned here; if you’re a loser then don’t try to get a beautiful woman, go for some ugly gal that will take you even if you are a loser with a small dick.

The Queen Has an Announcement

I’ve decided to put up a message board. I’ve put this board up so that any of you losers can come chat with me about your kinks, problems or what ever it is that turns you on. You can chat as much as you like with other members of the board without a minimum of calls to a Femdom. But you will only be allowed a certain amount of post to any Mistress on the board. Once you reach the cut off point if you wish to continue to talk with the Mistress of you choice you will then need to be a paying customer. You must make at least 1 call a week to any Mistress on the board to continue to chat with a Mistress. At this time I am the only Femdom on the board, but if you prove yourselves worth the trouble I will talk to other Femdoms and ask them if they have any free time for a few losers. Sound good? Then get your asses over there and see if you can follow the rules.

A Little Story of My House Maid

A few months ago I had a little Sissy Maid beg me to allow her to serve me, please she begged let me prove to you what a good job I can do Mistress. So I thought about it and decided what the hell I will give the bitch a chance to prove herself. At first she seemed a bit slow, and had to be taught to do some things around the house, but she turned out to be a fast learner so not many problems. My little Sissy Maid comes by three times a week and spends the whole day cleaning and cooking for the Queen. She does the washing, cooking, vacuums the floor, and when I light up a cigarette she’s always eager to be my ash tray. She will kneel at my feet, open her mouth, and eagerly accept each ash I put in her mouth and says “thank you Mistress”. As a reward to my little Sissy Maid for doing such a wonderful job, I some times allow her to be my foot stole, or to her delight let her clean my toilet with her tongue. Oh yes she gets very happy when I order her to clean the toilet, I do believe it’s her favorite chore. But some times my little Sissy Bitch is lazy and slacks off on a few of her jobs. On those occasions she tries her best to not attract my attention because she knows what’s coming next. That’s right; she will be getting punished. I like to use a cane on my little Sissy Slut when she messes up. She knows what’s coming but yet I still have to order the twit to bend over the counter, pull her little maid dress up, lower her little frilly panties and let the caning begin. When I’m done with her punishment she has some nice red welts on her pale ass to remind her to do a better job next time. After all what kind of Mistress would I be if I didn’t correct her so she will learn how to serve and be a good little Sissy Maid to those she serves?

A Lesson to Be Learned:

Pop quiz my little sissy bitches. Pray tell what do all of you twits think a Domme is? Do you think she is suppose to be sweet, caring, giving of her self, and put up with your shit? I tend to think a good many of you losers are thinking that very thing with your tiny pea brains. Let me clear a few things up for all of you so once and for all you might be able to comprehend just what a Domme is. A Domme for one thing goes by many names, she can be a Mistress or like me she can be a Queen of all those that bow at her feet. It doesn’t really matter what name a Mistress goes by, what matters is that you understand what she is about, what she will expect from you, and yes what pleasures she is willing to gift upon your sorry hides. Don’t sit there and whine when you don’t get your way; we are not here to please you; you are here to please us. If you want to play with your fun hole you must earn the right, if you want to dress up all pretty you must earn the right, if you want to lick and worship my beautiful feet you must earn the right. Now unless all of you are total morons you should be able to follow what I have written and not keep being such major hemorrhoids!!

Calling All Sissy Bitches:

Well now my little sissy bitches; did you get everything you thought you would to start out your new year? Any of you sluts get something big and hard for your fun hole? Or maybe you were hoping for some new frilly clothes, panties, stockings, bras and shoes. May be, just may be, those of you that didn’t get what you wanted should think about the fact that you don’t deserve such fine things. Have you yet learned how to serve your Mistress well? Would you have any idea of how to earn the right to get all dolled up and looking pretty for a hot night out? No, I doubt most of you even have a clue of what it really takes to be a good slave. But hey don’t feel bad; there is still hope for your worthless asses. Why? Well that is an easy one to answer you little one dick wonders. The reason would be, because the Queen knows all about how to train want a be sissy bitches. So if you want to be the best damn slut you can be, really learn to work that fun hole, serve and obey, well then, you know who to call now don’t you?