Scott’s Small Dick



Well now Scott has been kind enough to send his lovely Queen some most amusing pictures of his small cock. And when I say small cock I’m not whistling Dixie, this poor sad loser has one of the smallest dicks I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many little peckers in my day. You might need to pull out a magnifying glass to see Scott’s itty bitty cock, but I assure you it’s there trying it’s best to come out and play. Oooh and look closer, he even had his little gherkin pierced. I wonder was that so others might see his worthless dick or was it because he’s just so sad about having such a useless cock that he decided what the hell I will decorate the sad thing so at least it might look pretty. Either way Scott I have some bad news for you; no matter what you do the sad truth is your dick is too small to suck or fuck so I really can’t see you having any fun with the tiny cock that thought it could. But hey all’s not lost; you can always take more fun pics to amuse your lovely Queen.

Bitch April Must Learn To Serve:

There once was a bitch named April. She went through life thinking she was top dog, the best if the best and everyone was put on this earth to make her happy. Sad news for April; those days are gone now, she’s my bitch now. I’ve decided to start April’s training with her in a dog cage, nothing but a dog bowl for water and food, and she must ask to be let out to take care of her needs. Isn’t that sad; poor April now has to ask to take a piss, I would say that’s sinking down pretty far on the chain of command bitch. Little does she know that this is just the start of things to come. Poor April will soon learn her place, and her place is to serve the Queen and who ever else I decide could use her service. Yes that’s right; she will also learn to be one hell of a good cock sucker…

Balloon Fuckers:

Are you a Balloon Fucker? Do you get aroused just thinking about the feel of a big rubber balloon rubbing next to your skin? How about the lovely smell of that just blown up balloon? Yes we know; all you need for a good time is an inflatable date, or should I say a big balloon just the right size for fucking. Rub them, fuck them, lick them, have loads of fun until you give it one poke to many and your balloon lover pops. Oh well happy fucking.

Sissies, Stockings, High Heels and Training:

So you have a thing for stockings and high heels do you? Feeling the desire to wear a pair of the Queen’s dirty pantyhose and worn out pumps? Does the thought of having my scent next to your skin get you aroused? lol Sure it does, and how do I know this, because you’ve told me so. Well I have good news for all of you sissies out there; I would be most happy to sell you a pair of used stockings fresh with my scent and oh yes a pair of high heels with my scent from years of use. Does that sound good to you? HAHA Hop to it then, all you have to do is pay to play and I will ship your treasures out to you. Now I ask you what more could you ask for?

Cocks, Cocks, why are there so many Small Cocks!

Alright let’s face the facts here. You losers have tiny dicks. You love to play your tiny penis, you dream of someday finding a woman that will try to play with your sad little dick, but the facts are; no one is going to want to touch that small thing much less fuck it. As I’ve told you many times before, what is the point of a woman wasting her time on something as useless as your itty penis? Face it; you and that tiny dick are going to get to spend many long years doing the two finger wank all alone! HAHA! Now my dear losers that is some funny shit.

Cum Sluts and Big Black Dick:

So you’re a slut searching for a nice big cock to suck on? Don’t other to deny it, to many of you have told me in great detail of how much you fantasize about taking that hot throbbing piece of meat into your mouth for a nice long suck till you get a creamy treat gushing into your mouth and down your throat. Oh yes I know all about how much you desire to be a little faggot of the evening. Now since I’m in the mood to have some fun at your expense I thought I would offer up some advice. Now where to find that nice juicy cock of your dreams. Let’s see; you could put an add in magazine saying “cum slut in need of big dick with loads of cream”, go to an adult book store that has some fun back rooms with glory holes and wait for that tasty treat to peek through the hole or if I’m in the mood and you prove you’re worthy I could take you out and pimp you out as my slut for the night. Now you see loads of ideas there for you to work with. Oh and one more thing; I’ve made a new clip with advice on just how to suck that huge cock when you find one.

Little Dicks and Condoms That Fit:

I know the title alone is funny as hell, but truth be told most of you have such small cocks you can’t find a condom to fit the itty pecker. Just thinking about that makes me laugh and long for a picture of you sad twits with that normal size condom hanging off your small dicks. But hey, don’t fear the Queen is here to help all you morons out. There is hope; well for a condom to fit your tiny dick that is, not for you ever having sex. But as I always say; Dare to dream. So just in case you ever find a woman dumb enough to let you fuck her, I have a solution for you. Go to Wal-Mart, a drug store, what ever, look where they have the latex gloves for “Finger Cots”. Take my word for it, they will be just the right fit for that sad little thing you call a dick. So go out and buy a pack, and keep hoping to find someone out there that will give the little pecker that thought it could a try.

Oh and for more on small condoms don’t forget to check out my clips.

I have nothing else to do, so I measure my small cock!

So you not only have a small dick but your sad enough to take the time to measure the tiny thing. This brings up a good question; do you really need to measure that itty thing to know it’s to damn small? Just take a good look down there and it should be easy enough for you to see yes indeed you do have a small dick. Another dead give away would be the fact that when women see your little cock they laugh and no fun night for you. Oh well back home to do the two finger wank for all you sad losers. Wank, wank, that’s all fun you will ever have with the useless tiny dick between your legs. All’s not lost though; you can always send the Queen a pic of the small dick that thought it could, and all of us can have a good laugh.