About your Femdom Queen

I thought that I would tell you slime balls a little about The Queen, so you might have a better understanding of who you will be dealing with. The Queen is not like other ladies you have called in the past. I have my own style, and honestly don’t give one damn if you like me or not. I am not going to sugar coat things for you, I will not pamper your sorry asses, I will be the Bitch I am; and might I just say the best damn bitch you will ever have the privilege to talk to. I am warped, I enjoy laughing at you, making you do stupid things, and basically I just get my jollies from making you twits into my joke of the day. I love to see how far I can get you silly morons to go just to please me. It gives me a thrill to dish out pain, humiliation, and oh yes turn you little sissy bitches into my whores for the night.

There is nothing like getting an idiot that wants me to milk him for every dime he has. If you are one of the pitiful fools that enjoy this service then please do be ready to pay up or shut up. I don’t play games; I don’t like to have my time wasted, so I will clean you out sweetie. I will tell you though; The Queen will be laughing all the way to the bank just thinking about how easy it was to get your cherished $$$$$. So now what do you know about The Queen? Let’s see; you know I like money, fine things, I’m the bitch of your nightmares, I’m beautiful, regal, and the best damn woman you will ever get the honor to chat with.

Oh and did I forget to tell you I am a Southerner?

Yes, my dears, The Queen is from the south, and I have many southern charms and wicked ways. Now I have given details about me, this is food for thought for you pissheads, dare to dream, reach out and call the best damn bitch in the business; that is if you think you can take it. HAHA!!!!

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