Rich’s Small Cock

Well now it would seem that Rich is all talk and no action. So true to my word here’s another pic of Rich’s tiny cock. Sad looking thing now isn’t it? I can surly see why Rich wouldn’t want anyone to see his small dick; after all who can look at that poor excuse of a pecker and not laugh. I know I can’t. HAHA! Alright then Rich I will be adding another small dick pic tomorrow so be for warned loser. Don’t bother crying to me about them being up sense you already know my terms.


14 thoughts on “Rich’s Small Cock

  1. Evil Bitch you say; well at least you got that part right twit. My name is after all The Queen of Phone Mean, not sugar puss you idiot. You’ve had over 24 hours to pay my removal fee and so far I’ve yet to see any action. So the clock is ticking dip shit; either pay up or come tomorrow their will be another pic up on my website showing all what a small cock you have.

  2. Now Rich begging won’t work with me; but money will always get my attention. So if you want those pics off then stop crying and pay up. You’ve had over 24 hours loser so tomorrow the price will be going up. Oh and as promised another pic will be going up.

  3. i’m not crying…and i havent got the cash at the mo, pls just give me more time and then i can pay you to take them down, cant you just take them down now and if i dont pay then put them back…i will pay i promise but pls dont put the price up we’ve already agreed on $100
    and Amberly this is nothing to do with you

  4. Rich you seem to be a bit confused on the price it will take to have those pics removed. The price you were told was $50.00 a pic. There are 4 pics up on the site of your tiny cock and as promised another has been added. So let’s review; 5 pics = $250, not $100.
    Now sense you’ve wasted my time with this matter the pics will stay up for my amusement unless you decide to pay the removal fee. As stated before the price will be going up. Starting tomorrow if no payment has been made the price will start going up each day. Yes that’s right; each day.

  5. LOL as a dom who has many piglets and a friend of the Queen, I find anything written on a PUBLIC BLOG to be my business.

    Now cheap fuck quit your crying and pay up or shut up…

    You have had enough time and with an attitude like that its clear your not a true sub nor interested in becoming one!

    NOW prove us wrong or kindly get over the fact your dumb ass sent in pictures knowing the terms of service and now are sleeping in the bed you made MORON.

    PS Queen please send me his IP address so I can show him what REAL blackmail can be like!

  6. Well now Rich I would be happy to tell you just what I will do with your IP address. You see I know many Dommes and guess what we all tell each other about losers that don’t pay up. So in answer to your question; your IP will be put on a loser list and all of the Femdoms will be able to block you from their websites using your IP address. I guess you could call it a Shit List of Losers.

  7. Please don’t Mistress really doesn’t work on me Rich; but the color green seems to have some pull. Now as far as the IP address goes; that will go out to all the dommes and will be removed when you decide to pay. After all you have to pay to play Rich those are the rules of the game.

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