Giantess Swallow:

Each morning the Queen Of Phone Mean likes to sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. I sit out on my patio, enjoy the spring breeze and sip on coffee lost in thought. I always add sugar and cream but some times I forget my spoon. Now you know I am not going to stick my finger in a cup of hot coffee. So looking around for something to stir my brew with I spot this tiny man. Grabbing him and dipping him into the cup of hot coffee I proceed to use him to stir. He screams a bit, I tap him on the side of the cup then place him down and sip on my coffee small man forgotten. That is till I get to the bottom of my coffee; seems I didn’t put him down on the table I placed him back in the cup. Oh well he went down well with the cream. HAHA One could say he was good to the last drop

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