Small Dick Losers and Christmas Time:


Once upon a time there was a small dick loser; humiliation was all he got every time he dropped his pants. You see every time he thought he might get lucky with a real woman, she would laugh once she saw the tiny cock he had to offer. Sad little loser would hang his head in shame and have to spend his night as he spent all his nights playing with his own itty pecker. Even sadder still is the fact that each and every Christmas small dick loser hopes he will get lucky and finally find a woman that doesn’t mind being poked with a cock she can’t feel. HA HA, instead of saying or we there yet, she says have you started yet. Why? Because his cock is so damn tiny how in the hell would she know if he has even entered her pussy yet? Oh well; I get great enjoyment out of telling you losers this; but once again you will spend the Holidays wanking on your sad little penis all by yourself. But hey; the Queen will be around on Christmas eve and day, so if you need someone to laugh at your ass while you’re trying the two finger wank, by all means give me a call. I can always use a good laugh on Christmas!

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