Small Dick Humiliation Scotts Pics




Well now slave Scott has been kind enough to send me more small dick pictures of his sad excuse of a cock. Poor little pecker reminds you of a ground hog that only peeks out then the tiny tip is never seen again. I see you still have that ring in the tip of your tiny penis so you can hang on to it incase that itty thing slips out of your two fingers while trying to jerk off. I tell you what Scott; the Queen would love for you to make a clip so I can laugh my ass off while watching you trying to yank on your small cock. But until that time myself and all my members will have loads of fun at your expense looking at the sad dick that thought it could. Poor Scott, I doubt you will ever find a woman will to fuck that tiny dick much less get her to cum. HAHA!

Oh by the way, I’m going to include what Scott wrote to his lovely Mistress for all of our amusement.

Hello again my Goddess… I haven’t been surfing much lately, but when I looked at your site and saw that you posted my pics I was quite excited… Once I started reading what my Queen said about me, my arousal was too much to contain… precum was oozing from my pathetic little pecker instantly.. And within 10 seconds I blew my pathetic little load all over my two finger tips… I may have stroked it 6 or 7 times…

I’m extremely happy my Queen found me amusing enough to share on her site, so I did what any loser should do … amuse the Goddess some more… Here are some pics I took for you my Queen … took these right after I read your post… created this email just for you..
If the Queen would be so kind and grace this thimble dick little worm with some more harsh but oh so true words, I would be very grateful… humiliate me my Goddess …

Your pathetic slave,

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