Scott’s Small Dick



Well now Scott has been kind enough to send his lovely Queen some most amusing pictures of his small cock. And when I say small cock I’m not whistling Dixie, this poor sad loser has one of the smallest dicks I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many little peckers in my day. You might need to pull out a magnifying glass to see Scott’s itty bitty cock, but I assure you it’s there trying it’s best to come out and play. Oooh and look closer, he even had his little gherkin pierced. I wonder was that so others might see his worthless dick or was it because he’s just so sad about having such a useless cock that he decided what the hell I will decorate the sad thing so at least it might look pretty. Either way Scott I have some bad news for you; no matter what you do the sad truth is your dick is too small to suck or fuck so I really can’t see you having any fun with the tiny cock that thought it could. But hey all’s not lost; you can always take more fun pics to amuse your lovely Queen.

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