Small Dicks!

Now I have to ask why in the world men with small dicks think that any woman would enjoy that thing. Let’s see, it’s too small to mount, to small to pull and to small for any good sucking action. So why would a small dick man offend a women by even bringing that tiny thing out to play? If you think about it the only thing a women can do with a small penis is laugh at it. Now we can have hours of fun laughing at a small dick. The reason for this is simple;we are pissed and sick of you dip shits wasting our time with small cocks. When a woman is hot and wet she’s ready for a real man, with a real dick. She wants a cock that she can feel inside her sweet hole, not something she has to keep checking to see if it’s still there. HA-HA I have to ask, can any of you pricks with tiny dicks even get your hands around that thing to jerk off? HA-HA No I don’t think you can, why because I have seen the proof. Yes that’s right, one of you sent me a show, and you couldn’t even keep your hand on the thing long enough to get a good pull. HA-HA Some would say that’s just too sad, but me I had a good laugh and am still laughing. So come on little dick men, give me a call and make my day with that little thing between your legs.

37 thoughts on “Small Dicks!

  1. i get 1 small dick but i train my gf 2 b 1 good d#### an lick my balls till it gets hard i mind fck her so much she no grumble about my small dick anymore if not i beat her

  2. You’ve got to be bloody well kidding me right? You have a small cock, yet you expect me to believe that you can make a women happy fucking her with a tiny pickle? HAHA! I’m laughing my ass off just picturing the poor women all wet and ready, then finds out there will be no meat delivery. So what does she end up having to do to satisfy her needs? Well either she goes out and finds a man with a real cock, or she will find something, anything around the house to fuck herself with. Because after all; getting fucked by a banana is at least better then feeling nothing with that tiny dick you are trying to poke her with. And as for training her; well I don’t buy that load of crap either. I would however be happy to offer my service to train your worthless ass. Wonder if you would be up to that?

  3. You’re kidding me right? “Laughing My Ass Off”! You really feel the need to ask me if an “erect 3 inches” is enough to please a women. I would love to talk to you on the phone Dear so that I could tell you just what I think about that small cock. The very fact that you seem to think you have something to offer a women screams that you need a reality check and I would be more then happy to enlighten you. So how about it my small dick man; do you feel you are up to the challenge of talking to the Queen?

  4. Well I will ask you this then bjuk. After stating here on my blog that you only have 3 inches erect, what else pray tell could be more embarrassing then that? If you can post out in public about a small cock then surly you can call the Queen and talk about your less then adequate member and your other faults. I mean lets face it; you know you want to talk to me or else you wouldn’t be spending time on my blog. You made that post to gain my attention. Well you have my attention for the time being so now the ball is in your court. Do you have the balls to call or will you keep on wondering just what am I missing?

  5. Oh dear now this is a sad tale indeed. A whole two incher you say? You know what is really sad Evica? My tube of lipstick is bigger then you little cock. Now to me that’s some funny shit. HAHA! Also I must ask you what you are doing in a changing room for the women to see that tiny dick to laugh at it? Do we have a need to have our bum powdered and covered? Now sense the Queen is always honest I will now answer your above question. No, you will never find a woman that likes your tiny cock. Think of this way; women that can see will laugh at it, women that are blind can see with there hands an fingers so once they feel that useless dick they will not waste their time. But hey all is not lost. You can always call me and I would be happy to talk to you about that small cock and laugh my ass off while I’m at it. 😈

  6. Well now Aaron let me help clear this up for you; you do have a small cock. And what’s even sadder; you have small balls. I’m not really sure if that dick of yours is good for anything to tell you the truth. Oh wait there is one thing it’s good for; A good Laugh. 😆

  7. i have a 9 inch cock…is that small?? or would you love for me to shove it inside your pussy in front of all these little dick bitches…I mean if i had a dick that small i would be too embarrassed to pull that little thing out in front a baby, much less a woman needing a bug juicy cock inside there ready wet pussy

  8. My, my, someone seems to be bragging a bit much now don’t you think? A whole 9 inches now is it? I find it strange that you found my site by using the term “i love small dicks”. I think we need to see proof of this amazing cock you are boasting so about. Without proof I have no other choice but to believe you are just another small dick wonder with big dick dreams. Then again it’s always good to have dreams.

  9. i have a 2 inch erect cock queen…i wear girls panties cos they are the perfect fit…most girls that know about it tell me size doesnt matter, but i have never had sex with the same girl more than twice…surely there must be a girl out there somewhere for me?
    i have a pic where i am measuring it…how can i post it to you?

  10. Well rich if your cock is only 2 inches erect then I would have to say I understand why those panties are a perfect fit. After all nothing much down there to cover now is there? Now moving on to finding the gal of your dreams; well all you need to keep her once you find her is a stand in cock.
    If you would like to share your sad little pecker pick with the Queen just send it to After all I’m always in the mood for a good laugh and will place your pic on my blog for all to see.

  11. Hi I have a 3.5 inch dick and I feel kinda like a little boy. What is worse is that I ejaculate fast, sometimes just when I look at a woman. Is that bad? Some women have told me that I should wear a diaper.

  12. Well now Stan it really does sound like you have big problem. Let’s see now you have a tiny dick, just look at a woman and you ejaculate, and let’s face it; not much of a man now are you? Poor loser will never even have sex for lack of control of his basic needs. Sounds like you should still be wearing a diaper, powder on your behind and hands off that small cock.

  13. i have a 1.5 inch cock erect im 25 and not had sex. Is there a women out there for me? I think my cock is the same size as when i was a baby and i ejaculate at the thought of a women help me queen.

  14. Now let’s see; you’re 25, haven’t had sex, have a small dick, and cum at the thought of a woman; sounds like a lost cause to me Andy. I can offer you one ray of hope to this sad dilemma you have; orgasm control. Yes that’s right loser the only hope you have is to learn how to control that cock of yours and for that you will have to do what I say. If you would like to enroll in the Queens orgasm control class then click on my niteflirt button and set up a time for your first class. Now as for the small dick; it might be best if you learn how to be a master at oral play with the ladies. After all you have to give them something now don’t you agree?

  15. hi, i’m 25 and i have a 4 inches erect dick…now, i think that i can satisfy woman, but i found only superficial bitches who say to me that i’m small…this is only a clichè, size doesen’t matter…

    • Well now Frank so you think that only superficial bitches have a problem with your size. Sorry to have to tell you this Frank, but you are deluding yourself. Any woman that you’ve had sex with and you thought she enjoyed it; was faking it dear. Oh and just too clear things up for you Frank. I happen to find your small dick funny and I’m sure as hell not a superficial bitch. No, I’m just your worst nightmare. One more thing to add while I’m at it Frank; you came to my site so there for you just admitted you have a small dick and know you have a problem with women. When your man enough to admit it give the Queen a call, she can help you with that problem.

  16. im a stupid austrailian male just mad cause my slut wife go around like the town horse and proberly getting fucked ova and ova again till her virgina split and it neva got stiched up so its loss as a goss now she also is picking on men with tiny dicks cause she is a shammed of her wide pussy i told her to go buy a ova sized dilldo and fuck of u whore

  17. Well congratulation dip shit; at least your honest and can admit you’re stupid. Might I offer up a little advice; get someone to teach you how to read and write. It’s very clear from your comment that you haven’t a clue how to spell or form a proper sentence.

    Now as for you wife; my guess would be she has a problem with men with tiny dicks because she married a small dick loser. In that regard I would say yes might be a good idea if she gets a big dildo; might me the first real cock she’s ever felt. HAHA!

  18. Hi! I have a 6.7 inch cock erect, do you think that is small?
    because I had this girlfriend that was cheating on me in whole our relationship with a black guy with a big dick, as she told me about it.
    our did she leave me because she fucked me with a strapon on my request once when I was wearing her panties?
    what do you think?
    I do sometimes have fantasies about what happend only that she was more abusing to me like she was telling me that I was small tiny dicked loser compared to the black cocks that she loves and laughed at me. tied me up and make me watch her having sex with a few big dicked black guys while she humiliate me and forced me to clean her up from all there cum….than she cleans me up by peeing all over me.
    what do you think of my fantasies?
    I wanna belive I can satisfy a woman with my loser dick.

    // Johan

  19. Well now Johan 6.7 inch cock isn’t really what one would call a tiny pecker. So this leads me to wonder if maybe the problem might be that you just don’t know how to use your cock when fucking a woman. I would think your girlfriend would have enjoyed putting you in your place by fucking you in the ass with that strapon. As for the panties; another thing that should of made her happy. If she loves to fuck big black studs, then surely she would love to have you in a pair of pretty panties. I know I for one could think of many fun things to have you do while you are wearing a pair of sexy panties. Just think of the possibilities. 😈

    Truth be told, you are a small dick loser compared to a well hung black stud. Were talking about a big piece of meat when we talk about black dick. So if you were standing side by side who do you think she would want to fuck? That’s right; the huge black dick. Sounds like your girlfriend just doesn’t know how to put her sub to good use. After all think about all that hot creamy cum that black stud filled her pussy with when he shot his load. So much cum dripping out of her hole, just the job you needed to clean up the sticky mess he left behind from there passion.

    What do I think about your fantasies; I see nothing wrong with them at all. Let’s face it; all losers need to be humiliated, and if being a cum slut and having warm pee run down your body is what makes you happy; then by all mean I would say that is just what you deserve. All sluts should be used, humiliated, and amuse there Mistress, that is your purpose in life.

    As for satisfying a woman with you useless dick; I think that is going to take some work. I think you need some lessons, some training, and some control before you might be up to the task of making a woman climax.

  20. I lied to you about my size it’s not really 6.7 inches, it is 6.4 to be exact.
    well the fantasies that I have is because of her, the way that she was using me. I don’t know if I like or not, I guess not. I find it descusting but it turns me on in some wierd way after all.
    can you tell me more about the possebilities you was talking about, what whould you do to me in her situation?
    I think that maybe I should call her to se what she’s doing but I don’t think I have the gutts. maybe she is mor kinky nowadays like she would force me to suck her lover of or something.
    maybe I buy me a dildo to myself 😛 can you give me a small lesson then? or an mission to do with myself to satisfy me by satisfyin’ you or her by humiliating, mocking, degrading and abusing me in your way?
    thank you so much for your last anwser.
    do you like black dicks?
    do all black guys have a bigger cock than me?
    sometimes it happends that my cock don’t wanna get up when I met other girls. its gettin limb fast when I start fucking.
    the thing about peeing on me was something she told me was a fantasy of hers. so that part was not mine idea.but would you like to do that to me?
    now Im single lookin’ for a new girlfriend. I have been look for quite a while. can you tell me what size is small and what size is medium and big and so on? I really wanna know. and what are mine?

    Thank you so much for taking your time.

    // Johan “small dicked pee loser”

  21. Really Johan I don’t think you find the way she used you disgusting in the least bit. You yourself said it turns you on. Add to that the fact that you are here asking me to help you explore the many fun ways I can humiliate you, if I like black cock, all these questions lead to a definite yes; you are a pathetic loser and you just need to learn to enjoy the many kinks that turn you on.

    As for exploring the many possibilities of how I would use you, humiliate you, and just have fun at your expense; well you will have to call me to find out more about the joys of lessons in humiliation. Or if you care to chat with me using the ping box on my site then I will give you a free consultation.

    As for purchasing a dildo; I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. It would be more fun for you during a lesson with me if you have your toys ready for our call. Dildos, claps, whips, and many other fun things come to mind….

  22. I guess I cam kinda small what do you think. I am 25 and I am tall, 6 ft 3, but my dick is realy small soft like 1 inch to 2 inches. Hard I guess its not so bad almost 5 inches hard. It is really thick though. Would my thickness make up for the average length.

  23. Hi Queen. I have find me a new girl and I told her that I have a wierd fetish. You know all about it but now I don’t know what to tell her. I had sex with her a few nights ago and it was not so good. my cock was allmost limp all the time and I could not get harder.
    my 6.4 inches was more like 5. and she started to blow me then she forced me to taste my own cock.
    what should I do?
    pls anwser me my Queen.
    What should I tell her and what do u think that she wants and thing about me now?
    and after I tell her about my fesish?

  24. hey I am a 21 male with a 6.5 incher and I am a 2 pump chump i haven had sex in 3 years and I am horny all the time.. my bestfriends Gf is one of the hottest girls I have ever seen.. she is 5 8 tan C cup nice ass and I have to watch her kiss my friend and rub up on him in front of me all I can do it look at her pics on facebook and jerk off…would i be a perv if I try to steal her panties…

    • Okay Jake we have determined you have a dick a woman can find, but since you’re a 2 pump chump I doubt you will find one that will stay around. To make things worse the best you can do is sit at your computer and wank off to your best friend’s girlfriend, now how sad is that. Would you be a perv if you steal her panties, duh I think you already know the answer to that stupid question. 2 pump wanker, Facebook spanker, and soon to be a panty yanker. Sniff, sniff, I guess it’s better to sniff old pussy juice if you can’t get the real thing.

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