A Pic of Your Queen

I thought that I would put a pic of myself on here so you little bitches will stop asking what your queen looks like. Well here you go, take a good look at your beautiful Queen. Notice the porcelain skin, the beautiful green eyes and the lovely long red hair. Ha-ha I just know you little piss heads would love to look into my eyes while I order you to do what ever floats my boat. And wouldn’t you just love to touch my soft fair skin with your slimy little hands? Ha-ha In your dreams baby, only in your dreams. Do you think that I would really let anything like you have the honor of touching someone as fine as me? Sad to say the best you will ever do is to have your privileged time on the phone with your queen. Ha-ha Sad for you, not for me dip shit. Now dumbass go pick up the phone and see if I have time for your worthless ass today. fireqn3.jpg

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