Rich’s Small Cock

Well now it would seem that Rich is all talk and no action. So true to my word here’s another pic of Rich’s tiny cock. Sad looking thing now isn’t it? I can surly see why Rich wouldn’t want anyone to see his small dick; after all who can look at that poor excuse of a pecker and not laugh. I know I can’t. HAHA! Alright then Rich I will be adding another small dick pic tomorrow so be for warned loser. Don’t bother crying to me about them being up sense you already know my terms.


More Small Dick Pics!

I’ve decided that sense Rich has decided to be such a poor sport and seems to be confused about whether or not he wants his pics of that sad dick up that I would put more of them up. So here for all to enjoy and I am sure laugh at are more pics of the little cock that thought it could. More pics coming soon unless Rich decides he would like to pay the removal fee.


More Little Dick Pics

Oh now would you look at this more pictures of Rich’s sad little cock. You know looking at the pics Rich’s sent to me I have to wonder if there is any hope at all for this poor loser. I’m not one to sugar coat anything I have to say so I’m just going to come right on out and just say that I’m not sure we will be able to find anyone willing to waste there time on such a small dick. I mean just what the hell do you think a woman is suppose to do with that thing? Do you think she can mount it and have any fun on the ride? Hell no she can’t, and I will tell you why; it will keep slipping out! Not only will she not get any pleasure out of that small cock but hell she will have to keep stopping to put the damn thing back in. And lets be honest here; not really the right size for any good sucking action either. So I guess what Rich needs is a fleshlight or a doll because a real woman just isn’t going to go for that pecker unless you pay her.


Merry Fucking HOHOHO!!!!!

Well here we are again another Christmas almost done with it and what do any of you twits have to show for it? Your credit cards are maxed out for useless gifts bought to impress those that you can never impress. You’re sitting there feeling lost and pretty much like the dickless wonders I know you all are. The sissy bitches are wishing that Santa would bring them some nice new frilly panties, dress and pumps. While the small dick guys are wondering if good old Saint Nick could help them out with a little cock miracle grow to make that tiny pecker grow another 4 to 5 inches.HAHA! So let me sum up for you what will truly happen for you on Christmas day. There will be no pretty panties, no stockings, gown, shoes, or bigger dicks. If any of you sad losers have a woman in your lives; you will get some dull gift like you always get, have to sit there and act like you love it, while she opens the lovely gifts you sold your soul for. Yes I said soul. Why? Because dumbass you are going to be paying over, and over for that fucking gift for months to come. And what are you going to get out of it? Will she tell you how small and pitiful you little pickle is? Will she help you out with getting all dressed up like the woman you dream of being then pimp you out for the night? No, she will not. But you fucktard the Queen would be most happy, even would enjoy doing these wonderful things for such fine losers as yourselves. Now think about that while your sad ass is sitting in front of the Christmas tree having your oh so sad day. Merry Fucking Christmas to all of little dick wonders and sissy bitches, one and all!!!! HO! HO! HO! HAHAHA!! 😈