Hot Wax Delights!

What comes to mind when you think of a candle, flame and melting wax? For me I get a rush of excitement from the erotic play of wax. There’s just something about lighting that candle, holding it over my slave and letting the hot wax drip on his nipples, stomach and yes his cock. Each moan of pleasure he releases sends a sweet rush of delight throughout my body. To hear him beg and plead for me to keep tormenting him with such pleasure makes me wet in my most intimate of places. To know that when I am done torturing my slave that he will serve my needs when I spread my legs and tell him to pleasure your Queen. Yes, I do find such sweet delights from melting wax and flesh.

Joys of Loaf Fucking:

It’s a nice lovely day, the aroma of bread baking in the oven drifts through the house. You wonder into the kitchen lured by the fragrance of the baking bread. Standing in front of the oven you feel the heat warm your body and a thought occurs to you. I wonder what it would feel like to take that nice warm loaf of bread, cut a hole into the back, hollow it out just a bit, and slide my fat cock deep inside. Yessss you think, this could be almost like fucking someone real. The hole in the loaf would be so warm, so snug; in and out you could go with that little dick. Pumping in an out, Oh yes, oh yes, that feels so damn good! Harder, faster, your almost there, ready to shoot your hot load. Then right when you cum, right when you are feeling the after glow, you hear; WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? You turn and there she is your other half, her face red with anger. You just stand their Dick in that loaf of bread, not knowing what to do. She walks over slowly, and then she says something you thought never to hear from her lips. She smiles a wicked smile, and then says that loaf should have an extra salty taste to it now; thanks to you. So my dear you get the pleasure of eating the whole loaf, right here and now in front of me. I’m not asking my sweet; I’m ordering you to eat that loaf right now. Slowly you remove the loaf from your limp cock, bring the loaf up to your mouth and start eating. While chewing you hear her laughing, and then to your shock she turns and says; I’m glad to know that there’s something in this world you’re good at fucking!HAHA Now it’s just to bad that the yeast in the bread can’t make that cock of yours grow nice and big like the bread; then I to might have something to fuck.

Butts, Canes, and other Fun Things!

Are you the type that loves to have naughty things done to your bum? Maybe you enjoy the fine art of caning. Does the mere thought of bending over a desk, bum high in the air waiting for that first lovely sting of pain bring joy to your nether regions? I bet you just can’t wait to run to the mirror just to take a peek at your nice, new, red marks of pain and joy. That’s right; slowly run your fingers over each and every angry welt. The first touch after your beating takes your breath away and you smile at the memory of each painful lash. You lightly reach down and fondle your now limp dick hoping to rekindle the hot flame for just one more orgasm. But wait; no one told you that you could wank on that tiny dick again! Tell me; just what do you think you’ve done to deserve such pleasure? I’m waiting, still waiting. Oh hell are you going to take all damn night? Oh did I hurt your little feelings? HAHA Dip shit do you really think I care one way or the other how much my words sting? You are nothing more then a play thing to me. I amuse myself at your expense, nothing more, and nothing less.

Alright I can just picture you sitting there, scratching your head, thinking “what about the other fun things”. You know that’s a good question, and one I might answer for you someday. I’ll think about it. In the mean time just keep the lube ready for action; never know…

I Beg Your Pardon….

I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden, but I will give you thorns.HAHA! Have you ever given any thought to the other wonderful uses of a rose garden? Well the Queen has and I think perhaps I might just be in the mood to share them with you. So my little losers, sit back, relax, close your eyes and try to envision a dark night, just you, me and the lovely red roses. There’s a chill in the air, you have goose bumps on your skin, yet your skin feels alive with heat. You stand before your beautiful Queen, eager to please, all I have to do is give the order and you will obey. My creamy white skin glows in the dark night, you can’t help but to gaze into my hypnotic eyes; you know you are mine. I allow you to stand there for a bit taking in all my glory, you see my wicked smile. You feel fear at first, yet you cannot leave for you know to leave would mean you would never get to experience the glorious rapture to come. I tell you to disrobe, then to go deep into the garden and bring me back 30 red roses, each with long stems all with the thorns. Once you have acquired the roses with thorns you kneel before your Queen waiting for your next order. I tell you to lay all but two of the roses with thorns down a few feet a part in a straight line. You are curious why I would tell you to do this but yet know better then to ever question your Queen. Now I tell you to place one of the two roses I told you to keep in your mouth. Now get on your hands and knees and slowly crawl down that path of roses and thorns. You start to crawl, the thorns are piercing your hands, knees, legs and feet, each prick stings and burns, yet you keep crawling. Suddenly you feel a hot stinging pain on your butt cheeks and realize your Queen is whipping you with the one rose she kept. Once you’ve made it to the end of the rose/thorn path I tell you to gather up all the roses you just crawled over and lay them in a larger pile. Now lie on top of the roses and thorns, roll over, and wiggle on your stomach. You feel stabbing hot pain, 100’s of needles digging into your tender cock flesh, yet you are getting more and more aroused. And with that arousal comes more pain while that pecker grows. I now stand over you, whipping you with the one rose I kept, ordering you to pump your hips, that’s right act like you are humping a women, faster! You raise your hips; keep pumping that worthless cock into the bed of roses. Ooooooh you scream, my Queen, my Queen, and then nothing but sweet ecstasy. While you lay there shaking with pleasure you feel a tearing pain across your back. Then you hear your Queens wicked laughter telling your worthless ass to get up, you’re not done yet. You see that mess you made in those lovely red roses? Get on your hands and knees and lick that cum off each and every petal, every stem, and yes every thorn! Now you have served your purpose for the evening, you may crawl over to your clothes and leave the way you came. I will linger here and just sit and laugh for a bit at the picture of you fucking those thorns. HAHA! THE END!

See the pleasure you can experience if you go over to the dark side and call your Queen. Don’t get use to hot stories like that my sorry losers; that one was just to show you what wonderful sick things go on in my lovely head. Sweet dreams. HAHA! 😆

Is Your Date Inflatable?

Are you the type of loser that can only get an Inflatable date? Does your date come to you by the postal system? Is she made of plastic or latex? Do you get off on that “new doll smell” strait out of the box? Well then you sad loser do I have the gal for you. Yes that’s right, I have the girl of your dreams just waiting for you to try out one of her nice tight holes. I can just see your sorry ass now reaching down with your fat fingers to rub back and fourth on that useless dick of yours. Just thinking about your dream girl gets you all revved up and ready for a good fuck; now doesn’t it LOSER? That’s ok piss head, every loser has to find some pleasure in there sorry lives; even you. I tell you what though; I do believe I can help you bring a little more excitement to your latex love life. How you ask? Well dip shit it’s really quite simple. You just pick of the phone “it’s that thing that rings and someone is on the other end”, call me, and either bring your own latex love date or hell you can use the hot dream date I talked about above. After all just look at her; she’s hot admit it. All the right holes can move most any direction, now all you need is me to tell you how to fuck your dream date. So if you would like to improve your latex love life; call the Queen. Go on give it a try, step over to the dark side, I wont bite; if I do you wont mind it at all.

Do You Have a Foot Fetish?

Are you a foot sucker? Would you like to be? No really; would you like the honor of fondling, holding, running your hands over the Queens soft, creamy white feet? How do you think my perfect feet would feel in your hands? Do you ever dream of kissing the Queens feet, sucking my lovely toes? Would it make your day to simply message oil all over my luscious feet? If so then tell me just what would you do for the Queen to earn this privilege? Come on now you spine less twit; would you do anything I ask? Would you allow me to humiliate you to the point of tears and still feel grateful just for the chance to touch the Queens fine feet? To this I would have to say; I guess I will have to wait and see which one of you bitches has what it takes to touch my divine feet.feet.jpg

Want to please the Queen?

Well now let’s see; just what are some of the things you can do to please the Queen? Let’s start with cleaning my shoes. I noticed today that I have a lot of shoes in need of a good cleaning. Now I am not just talking about your sorry ass licking all over my shoes. No, I mean for you to lick them clean then polish them with some nice oil for leather so they will be soft and shinning. Then when you think you have done a good job on my shoes; come bow down at my feet and present them to me for my inspection. If I feel you have done the job well, then you will get a treat. If you have done the job badly, well I think you know what you will get then.

The Many Uses of a Good Footstool

Let’s take a look at the many uses of a good footstool. Now when the Queen looks for a good foot stool I look for a nice sturdy back to support my weary legs on at the end of the day. Other good things the Queen looks for are; strong legs and arms for support, easy to move for my pleasure and comfort. Now most of all a good footstool knows how to obey and be quiet at all times; unless spoken to of course. So tell me; how many of you think you have what it takes to be the best of the best, a footstool for the Queen?