You Can’t Keep A Good Bitch Down:

It’s come to my attention that once again some mindless twit pso has been up to no good. For some reason some feel the need to stick there nose in my business. Why is this you may ask? Well I would be most happy to explain. You see in this business if someone is doing well then someone else is always trying to find out how there doing it and doing there best to sabotage your business. Word of advice for those in this business that would like to bring the Queen down a peg or two; many have tired over the years, but none have succeeded and no one ever will. There’s a reason the Queen as been around for many years; I’m the one and only, the best at what I do, and no one, I mean no one will ever get the best of me. I’m always one step a head of the game, and well you should know it. No one could ever replace me, because no one could ever be me. It’s that damn simple. In closing I would like to offer up a little advice; stop trying to steal others ideas; and hell for once in your life come up with an original idea of your own. Your idea might suck but hell at least it would be yours for a change.

Losers Should Learn Their Place

I have to ask what is with men and manners? I’m out shopping minding my own business and notice some moron is following me around. Every where I went this fool would be lurking near by watching me. At first I found this a bit amusing but as the hours went by I found this idiot was getting on my nerves. I decide to nip this in the bud and have a little fun while I’m at it. After all I always love to find my amusement at the expense of losers and this twit was surly a top notch loser. I turned around, looked him right in the eyes, poor fool smiles, I say very loudly and slow; do you like what you see? Poor fool just stands their, face red, mouth open doing nothing. Finally after a bit the twit just turned and walked away as fast as he could. And me I had a good laugh. Another loser brought down a peg. Anyone else care to play? I’m always up for a good laugh.

Coming To a Theater Near You!

The amazing Pecker! That’s right folks you heard me right; the amazing pecker. See Mr. Pecker stand at attention with the slightest breeze! It can stand, it can thrust, hell it can poke, it can shoot, and it can fornicate! Heck there is not much that Mr. Pecker can’t do in this world; I tell you true. Please don’t get Mr.Pecker confused with Little Dick That Thought It Could; they are nothing a like. Little Dick is just another one of those useless cocks that just never did make the grade. Can’t please a women; can’t even fit the thing in a glory hole because you guessed it; it’s to damn short. You know you can’t even take Little Dick for a ride because the damn cock just keeps slipping out of the woman’s hole. Another problem Little Dick has is finding a condom to fit. They just don’t make any for small cocks. I guess they figure why the hell bother; chances are the tiny cock will slip out before it’s goo spews.

Now let’s take a moment to compare Mr. Pecker with Little Dick. Mr. Pecker is so big he cast a shadow, Little dick cast no shadow but does appear every so often peeking out of the bush. Mr. Pecker plays well with others, Little Dick plays well with himself. Mr. Pecker takes a licking and keeps on thrusting, Little Dick can’t be found for a lick much less a thrust. So I guess it’s clear to see; all the ladies love Mr. Pecker and cry when they see Little Dick.

Want to please the Queen?

Well now let’s see; just what are some of the things you can do to please the Queen? Let’s start with cleaning my shoes. I noticed today that I have a lot of shoes in need of a good cleaning. Now I am not just talking about your sorry ass licking all over my shoes. No, I mean for you to lick them clean then polish them with some nice oil for leather so they will be soft and shinning. Then when you think you have done a good job on my shoes; come bow down at my feet and present them to me for my inspection. If I feel you have done the job well, then you will get a treat. If you have done the job badly, well I think you know what you will get then.

The Many Uses of a Good Footstool

Let’s take a look at the many uses of a good footstool. Now when the Queen looks for a good foot stool I look for a nice sturdy back to support my weary legs on at the end of the day. Other good things the Queen looks for are; strong legs and arms for support, easy to move for my pleasure and comfort. Now most of all a good footstool knows how to obey and be quiet at all times; unless spoken to of course. So tell me; how many of you think you have what it takes to be the best of the best, a footstool for the Queen?

What Makes the Queen Happy?

The Queen loves to be mean. I love to find ways to make men suffer, and laugh while there in pain. I’ve always had a mean streak, an am quite proud of that fact. When I go to clubs or parties I know that some fool will work up the nerve to come talk to the Queen. I don’t have to look for men, or try to get there attention; they are drawn to me like a fly to honey. And like a fly landing in that honey, once they land they cannot get out. Any man that thinks he has what it takes to approach the Queen should know that he will never be the same again. I will not be gentle, I don’t care about any mans feelings. All I care about are there weaknesses. Once I know the poor fools weakness; well then it’s fun time for the Queen. Do you think for one minute that the Queen has ever felt sorry for some loser when he crawls away licking his wounds. HA HA To that I would have to say no. Taking away some fools dignity and worth, is like having a fine wine. Once you are done with that wine it has no more use, so you toss it. All that is left are the fond memories of that wine. The same can be said for the men I destroy; all that is left is my laughter.

Must I Explain Everything?

It would appear that some of you pissheads out there either cannot read or you think you can pull one over on the Queen. Well let’s just clear a few things up so all of you morons; I hope will understand. When you buy my ID, you are only buying 1 ID. You will not send me emails after I’ve sent you one of my ID’s and tell me some dumbass story about you don’t use msn. If you expect me to answer your emails, you had better be prepared to pay to view the reply I send back. I will not chat by email for free, or on instant messenger. If you don’t like that, then by all means don’t waste my time. I could care less if you like my rules; it only matters that I like them.