Fat Guys with Small Cocks:


One of the things I find amusing is fat guys with small cocks. Oh yes indeed nothing makes the Queen laugh more then seeing a fat guy with a small dick. Big tub of lard stomach hanging down, rolls of fat, and then looking down you see what; a tiny little pecker trying to peek out. I mean hell, how in the world do you find that small penis to even have a wank on it? Another good question would be is how do you think a woman is going to find the small cock that thinks it can? Even if she does find it, I would say the most fun she will have with that sad little dick is to laugh her ass off at the sight of it. Like I’ve said before; can’t suck it, can’t wank it, and you sure as hell can’t fuck it.

Cum Sluts and Big Black Dick:

So you’re a slut searching for a nice big cock to suck on? Don’t other to deny it, to many of you have told me in great detail of how much you fantasize about taking that hot throbbing piece of meat into your mouth for a nice long suck till you get a creamy treat gushing into your mouth and down your throat. Oh yes I know all about how much you desire to be a little faggot of the evening. Now since I’m in the mood to have some fun at your expense I thought I would offer up some advice. Now where to find that nice juicy cock of your dreams. Let’s see; you could put an add in magazine saying “cum slut in need of big dick with loads of cream”, go to an adult book store that has some fun back rooms with glory holes and wait for that tasty treat to peek through the hole or if I’m in the mood and you prove you’re worthy I could take you out and pimp you out as my slut for the night. Now you see loads of ideas there for you to work with. Oh and one more thing; I’ve made a new clip with advice on just how to suck that huge cock when you find one.

Sad Tiny Dick Losers

The Queen has made a special clip just for all you sad losers with small dicks that dream of things you can never have. Want to hear a true story of how your lovely Mistress brought this silly twit down a peg or two? I must say I had a good time humiliating this moron, and laughed my ass off for hours afterwards. Lesson to be learned here; if you’re a loser then don’t try to get a beautiful woman, go for some ugly gal that will take you even if you are a loser with a small dick. http://www.clips4sale.com/store/34237

Small Cock Dreams

Yes that’s right; I said small cock dreams, because after that’s all you can do is dream. Poor tiny dick men, you want someone to play with that itty cock, but no sooner then you drop your pants and show a woman your goods, then the deal is off. HAHA! When are you going to stop kidding yourselves, and face up to the fact that no woman wants to waste her time on a small dick man. So my sad little loser’s looks like it’s just you and your two finger jerk off from now till the end of your days. But hey if you ever want to hear what it sounds like to hear a woman moan with pleasure you can always listen to this clip. Now that’s some funny shit.

Carrots and Small Cock Humiliation

Did you know that most of you losers can’t even compete with a small carrot? Yes that’s right; most of you can only dream of being as big as a small carrot. Sad little dick men, to small to fuck, to small to suck, and for some to small to even have a good wank. Oh I wish I may, I wish I might, have my cock I could wank tonight. HAHA! Keep wishing losers, but truth be told you will always have small useless dicks that no woman will ever want to waste her time on. So looks like you will have to keep on trying to do the two finger wank.


Today is your lucky day. The Queen has decided to put up a short video just for you sad little tiny dick losers. After all we all know how much fun I have laughing at small cocks, so why not add a special touch to my fun and let you see me live while I make fun of you sad little dicks losers. I even moan for you just so you can for once in your life hear what it would sound like if you did have something big enough between your legs to fuck a woman with, but sad to say as we all know you don’t. HAHA! Poor little small dick wonder, can’t fuck a woman, might not even be big enough to fuck fruit, but hey you can still do the two finger jerk off, I guess that’s something to look forward to in your sad little life.

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Mistress Red; The Cherry Popper

Once upon a time there was a beautiful gal named Little Red Ridding Hood. For this story we will just call her Mistress Red. One day Mistress Red decided to fill her basket with goodies and surprise her grandmother with a visit.

While making her way through the woods towards grandma’s house Mistress Red couldn’t help but get the feeling she was being watched. Along the way she decided to stop and have a bite to eat since it was still early and such a lovely day. Hearing a noise in the bushes near by Mistress Red turns to see what could be disturbing her peaceful lunch. Come out she said in a voice not to be disobeyed. Out from the bushes steps this tall creature wearing a pretty pink dress, with matching pink stockings. Timidly the creature makes her way over to Mistress Red. Why are you following me ask Mistress Red? The timid creature bows saying I am seeking someone to serve my Mistress, ask what you will of me and I will do as you bid. Mistress Red smiles, anything you say? Why yes Mistress, anything you wish. Well then if you are going to serve me then we must name you. Let me see; looking the creature over from head to toe Mistress Red smiles and says; your name from this day fourth shall be Slut Cherry. Slut Cherry Mistress the creature says looking puzzled. Why yes; you look as though you are new to this and there for I doubt your sweet cherry has been popped yet, so Slut Cherry you shall be. My feet a tired from the long walk through the woods, be a good little slut and massage them while I relax.
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Sad Fat Guy with a Small Cock:

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Look it’s a beached whale, no it’s a mushroom, oh no I know what it is; it’s peek a boo pecker! Gee talk about a fat guy with no dick; well almost no dick. HAHA! Poor girl is having a hard time just finding his small cock much less trying to figure out what she’s suppose to do with it. Hard as she tries she just can’s get that pecker to grow to a decent size. I mean really what’s a girl suppose to do with a small dick wonder that not only is fat, has a tiny cock, but hell you can’t even find this fat fucks balls! No need to waste your time trying to suck it, ride it, and really trying to give this sad loser a hand job is so not worth any woman’s time, so why bother. But hey it sure is funny as hell to watch her try to play with the peek a boo pecker that thought it could. And I bet small dick man is happy, because someone is finally touching his little sad cock.