Fat Guys with Small Cocks:


One of the things I find amusing is fat guys with small cocks. Oh yes indeed nothing makes the Queen laugh more then seeing a fat guy with a small dick. Big tub of lard stomach hanging down, rolls of fat, and then looking down you see what; a tiny little pecker trying to peek out. I mean hell, how in the world do you find that small penis to even have a wank on it? Another good question would be is how do you think a woman is going to find the small cock that thinks it can? Even if she does find it, I would say the most fun she will have with that sad little dick is to laugh her ass off at the sight of it. Like I’ve said before; can’t suck it, can’t wank it, and you sure as hell can’t fuck it.

Old Balls and Small Dicks:


I had a good laugh making this video tonight. After all small dicks are always something I find funny and add to that big old balls and it’s fucking hysterical. Have any of you ever given any thought to the fact that in most cases your balls are bigger then your cock? Think of it, that tiny dick trying to peek out, yet all a woman can see are those big old wrinkly balls. Oh well; can’t fuck the cock, so hey at least if she’s in the mood to amuse herself she can play with your sad old big balls! http://www.clips4sale.com/store/34237

Queen Sits on Balloon:


The Queen decided to have a little fun with you looners, and thought that I would make a clip with me trying to pop a balloon with my ass. I must say I had lots of fun bouncing up and down on that pretty green balloon, and it did feel nice rubbing back and fourth on that lovely balloon. If you would like to see what happened during my balloon time fun then there’s only one thing to do; go buy the clip. Ease enough to do now isn’t it?

Little Dicks and Condoms That Fit:

I know the title alone is funny as hell, but truth be told most of you have such small cocks you can’t find a condom to fit the itty pecker. Just thinking about that makes me laugh and long for a picture of you sad twits with that normal size condom hanging off your small dicks. But hey, don’t fear the Queen is here to help all you morons out. There is hope; well for a condom to fit your tiny dick that is, not for you ever having sex. But as I always say; Dare to dream. So just in case you ever find a woman dumb enough to let you fuck her, I have a solution for you. Go to Wal-Mart, a drug store, what ever, look where they have the latex gloves for “Finger Cots”. Take my word for it, they will be just the right fit for that sad little thing you call a dick. So go out and buy a pack, and keep hoping to find someone out there that will give the little pecker that thought it could a try.

Oh and for more on small condoms don’t forget to check out my clips.

Sad Tiny Dick Losers

The Queen has made a special clip just for all you sad losers with small dicks that dream of things you can never have. Want to hear a true story of how your lovely Mistress brought this silly twit down a peg or two? I must say I had a good time humiliating this moron, and laughed my ass off for hours afterwards. Lesson to be learned here; if you’re a loser then don’t try to get a beautiful woman, go for some ugly gal that will take you even if you are a loser with a small dick. http://www.clips4sale.com/store/34237

Small Cock Dreams

Yes that’s right; I said small cock dreams, because after that’s all you can do is dream. Poor tiny dick men, you want someone to play with that itty cock, but no sooner then you drop your pants and show a woman your goods, then the deal is off. HAHA! When are you going to stop kidding yourselves, and face up to the fact that no woman wants to waste her time on a small dick man. So my sad little loser’s looks like it’s just you and your two finger jerk off from now till the end of your days. But hey if you ever want to hear what it sounds like to hear a woman moan with pleasure you can always listen to this clip. Now that’s some funny shit.

Carrots and Small Cock Humiliation

Did you know that most of you losers can’t even compete with a small carrot? Yes that’s right; most of you can only dream of being as big as a small carrot. Sad little dick men, to small to fuck, to small to suck, and for some to small to even have a good wank. Oh I wish I may, I wish I might, have my cock I could wank tonight. HAHA! Keep wishing losers, but truth be told you will always have small useless dicks that no woman will ever want to waste her time on. So looks like you will have to keep on trying to do the two finger wank.


Today is your lucky day. The Queen has decided to put up a short video just for you sad little tiny dick losers. After all we all know how much fun I have laughing at small cocks, so why not add a special touch to my fun and let you see me live while I make fun of you sad little dicks losers. I even moan for you just so you can for once in your life hear what it would sound like if you did have something big enough between your legs to fuck a woman with, but sad to say as we all know you don’t. HAHA! Poor little small dick wonder, can’t fuck a woman, might not even be big enough to fuck fruit, but hey you can still do the two finger jerk off, I guess that’s something to look forward to in your sad little life.

Don’t forget; if you want to see more of the Queen click this link a http://clips4sale.com/studio/34237