Queen Sits on Balloon:


The Queen decided to have a little fun with you looners, and thought that I would make a clip with me trying to pop a balloon with my ass. I must say I had lots of fun bouncing up and down on that pretty green balloon, and it did feel nice rubbing back and fourth on that lovely balloon. If you would like to see what happened during my balloon time fun then there’s only one thing to do; go buy the clip. Ease enough to do now isn’t it?

Balloon Fuckers:

Are you a Balloon Fucker? Do you get aroused just thinking about the feel of a big rubber balloon rubbing next to your skin? How about the lovely smell of that just blown up balloon? Yes we know; all you need for a good time is an inflatable date, or should I say a big balloon just the right size for fucking. Rub them, fuck them, lick them, have loads of fun until you give it one poke to many and your balloon lover pops. Oh well happy fucking.