Bitch April Must Learn To Serve:

There once was a bitch named April. She went through life thinking she was top dog, the best if the best and everyone was put on this earth to make her happy. Sad news for April; those days are gone now, she’s my bitch now. I’ve decided to start April’s training with her in a dog cage, nothing but a dog bowl for water and food, and she must ask to be let out to take care of her needs. Isn’t that sad; poor April now has to ask to take a piss, I would say that’s sinking down pretty far on the chain of command bitch. Little does she know that this is just the start of things to come. Poor April will soon learn her place, and her place is to serve the Queen and who ever else I decide could use her service. Yes that’s right; she will also learn to be one hell of a good cock sucker…

Sissies, Stockings, High Heels and Training:

So you have a thing for stockings and high heels do you? Feeling the desire to wear a pair of the Queen’s dirty pantyhose and worn out pumps? Does the thought of having my scent next to your skin get you aroused? lol Sure it does, and how do I know this, because you’ve told me so. Well I have good news for all of you sissies out there; I would be most happy to sell you a pair of used stockings fresh with my scent and oh yes a pair of high heels with my scent from years of use. Does that sound good to you? HAHA Hop to it then, all you have to do is pay to play and I will ship your treasures out to you. Now I ask you what more could you ask for?

Mistress Red; The Cherry Popper

Once upon a time there was a beautiful gal named Little Red Ridding Hood. For this story we will just call her Mistress Red. One day Mistress Red decided to fill her basket with goodies and surprise her grandmother with a visit.

While making her way through the woods towards grandma’s house Mistress Red couldn’t help but get the feeling she was being watched. Along the way she decided to stop and have a bite to eat since it was still early and such a lovely day. Hearing a noise in the bushes near by Mistress Red turns to see what could be disturbing her peaceful lunch. Come out she said in a voice not to be disobeyed. Out from the bushes steps this tall creature wearing a pretty pink dress, with matching pink stockings. Timidly the creature makes her way over to Mistress Red. Why are you following me ask Mistress Red? The timid creature bows saying I am seeking someone to serve my Mistress, ask what you will of me and I will do as you bid. Mistress Red smiles, anything you say? Why yes Mistress, anything you wish. Well then if you are going to serve me then we must name you. Let me see; looking the creature over from head to toe Mistress Red smiles and says; your name from this day fourth shall be Slut Cherry. Slut Cherry Mistress the creature says looking puzzled. Why yes; you look as though you are new to this and there for I doubt your sweet cherry has been popped yet, so Slut Cherry you shall be. My feet a tired from the long walk through the woods, be a good little slut and massage them while I relax.
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Are You A Cocksucker?

That’s right; I asked if any of you bitches are cocksuckers. Come on fess up; does the thought of a nice fat cock in your mouth give you a hard on? Or maybe you’re a slut bitch that’s not man enough to please your wife so she has to find some black stud with a huge cock to make her cum. But you get something out of that now don’t you? Yes you little loser bitch you get to watch that well hung stud fuck your wife the way you never could and then lucky you; you get to lick up all of his hot seed as it drips out of her well pounded pussy. Yes, no need to fess up after all; I already know just what makes that useless dick of yours hard, after all I am the one and only Queen. And as we all know I fucking well know everything. I know what you need; I certainly know how to instruct you on how to achieve what you desire, so all that is left is if you have balls enough to call. You want me, you need me, fuck you can’t live without me. I’m that damn good.

A Little Story of My House Maid

A few months ago I had a little Sissy Maid beg me to allow her to serve me, please she begged let me prove to you what a good job I can do Mistress. So I thought about it and decided what the hell I will give the bitch a chance to prove herself. At first she seemed a bit slow, and had to be taught to do some things around the house, but she turned out to be a fast learner so not many problems. My little Sissy Maid comes by three times a week and spends the whole day cleaning and cooking for the Queen. She does the washing, cooking, vacuums the floor, and when I light up a cigarette she’s always eager to be my ash tray. She will kneel at my feet, open her mouth, and eagerly accept each ash I put in her mouth and says “thank you Mistress”. As a reward to my little Sissy Maid for doing such a wonderful job, I some times allow her to be my foot stole, or to her delight let her clean my toilet with her tongue. Oh yes she gets very happy when I order her to clean the toilet, I do believe it’s her favorite chore. But some times my little Sissy Bitch is lazy and slacks off on a few of her jobs. On those occasions she tries her best to not attract my attention because she knows what’s coming next. That’s right; she will be getting punished. I like to use a cane on my little Sissy Slut when she messes up. She knows what’s coming but yet I still have to order the twit to bend over the counter, pull her little maid dress up, lower her little frilly panties and let the caning begin. When I’m done with her punishment she has some nice red welts on her pale ass to remind her to do a better job next time. After all what kind of Mistress would I be if I didn’t correct her so she will learn how to serve and be a good little Sissy Maid to those she serves?

Cinderfella; the Sissy Slut:

Once upon a time there was a sissy slut named Cinderfella. Oh how she loved to dress up in pretty gowns, panties and stockings. Feeling these lovely things next to her skin always made her little dick so hard. Often she would rub her little cock just to feel the pleasure of the soft lace panties sliding back an fourth across her cock. She longed for someone to share this with, someone to bring more joy and pleasure to her life. But sad to say for now all Cinderfella could do was play with herself, all alone.
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Mistress White and the Small Dick Dwarfs

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Mistress with hair the color of midnight, skin pale as cream, and lips of rose red. All through out the land longed to be near and serve this beautiful yet cruel Mistress, but only a lucky few received this honor.

Across the way was a wicked evil which that hated Mistress White because she longed to be the fairest of them all. She decided to do a way with Mistress White, thus end her problem for good. She hired a woodsman to take her into the woods and kill her, but ordered him to bring back her heart as proof. The woodsman did as he was told but once in the woods could not kill the beautiful Mistress White for he was caught in her spell and only longed to serve her in any way that he could. He told the lovely Mistress to stay in the woods until the time was right and the evil witch was dead.
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Humiliation Is My Game:

Alright all of you small dick wonders and sissy boys; listen up your Queen has something to say.

It seems that many of you twits just don’t understand how the game works. I the one and only Queen am by far the best damn bitch on the internet that you lowly scum bags will ever have the pleasure to serve. Some of you have been whining about how hard it is to get the Queen. Well to that my answer is I will make it so damn fucking easy for you that even a mindless twit will be able to figure it out.

Ready for a lesson on how things work?

Alright then here we go losers.

The Queen is going to make it easy for all of you who wish to have the honor of talking with me; so please follow along closely.

When you see the button on my site saying I am available fucking click the damn thing and place your call. Not hard now is it? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out so I am pretty damn sure that even you morons can follow these instructions. Now to be clear; do no cry to me about I don’t know how to contact you, that crap will not float with me and I will not waste my time on your sorry ass. Call, don’t call that’s up to you, but you had better damn well not waste my time with stupid ass questions, like I don’t know how to call.

End of lesson; class is over for today losers.