Small Dick Losers and Christmas Time:


Once upon a time there was a small dick loser; humiliation was all he got every time he dropped his pants. You see every time he thought he might get lucky with a real woman, she would laugh once she saw the tiny cock he had to offer. Sad little loser would hang his head in shame and have to spend his night as he spent all his nights playing with his own itty pecker. Even sadder still is the fact that each and every Christmas small dick loser hopes he will get lucky and finally find a woman that doesn’t mind being poked with a cock she can’t feel. HA HA, instead of saying or we there yet, she says have you started yet. Why? Because his cock is so damn tiny how in the hell would she know if he has even entered her pussy yet? Oh well; I get great enjoyment out of telling you losers this; but once again you will spend the Holidays wanking on your sad little penis all by yourself. But hey; the Queen will be around on Christmas eve and day, so if you need someone to laugh at your ass while you’re trying the two finger wank, by all means give me a call. I can always use a good laugh on Christmas!

Small Dick Humiliation Scotts Pics




Well now slave Scott has been kind enough to send me more small dick pictures of his sad excuse of a cock. Poor little pecker reminds you of a ground hog that only peeks out then the tiny tip is never seen again. I see you still have that ring in the tip of your tiny penis so you can hang on to it incase that itty thing slips out of your two fingers while trying to jerk off. I tell you what Scott; the Queen would love for you to make a clip so I can laugh my ass off while watching you trying to yank on your small cock. But until that time myself and all my members will have loads of fun at your expense looking at the sad dick that thought it could. Poor Scott, I doubt you will ever find a woman will to fuck that tiny dick much less get her to cum. HAHA!

Oh by the way, I’m going to include what Scott wrote to his lovely Mistress for all of our amusement.

Hello again my Goddess… I haven’t been surfing much lately, but when I looked at your site and saw that you posted my pics I was quite excited… Once I started reading what my Queen said about me, my arousal was too much to contain… precum was oozing from my pathetic little pecker instantly.. And within 10 seconds I blew my pathetic little load all over my two finger tips… I may have stroked it 6 or 7 times…

I’m extremely happy my Queen found me amusing enough to share on her site, so I did what any loser should do … amuse the Goddess some more… Here are some pics I took for you my Queen … took these right after I read your post… created this email just for you..
If the Queen would be so kind and grace this thimble dick little worm with some more harsh but oh so true words, I would be very grateful… humiliate me my Goddess …

Your pathetic slave,

Queen Sits on Balloon:


The Queen decided to have a little fun with you looners, and thought that I would make a clip with me trying to pop a balloon with my ass. I must say I had lots of fun bouncing up and down on that pretty green balloon, and it did feel nice rubbing back and fourth on that lovely balloon. If you would like to see what happened during my balloon time fun then there’s only one thing to do; go buy the clip. Ease enough to do now isn’t it?

Scott’s Small Dick



Well now Scott has been kind enough to send his lovely Queen some most amusing pictures of his small cock. And when I say small cock I’m not whistling Dixie, this poor sad loser has one of the smallest dicks I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many little peckers in my day. You might need to pull out a magnifying glass to see Scott’s itty bitty cock, but I assure you it’s there trying it’s best to come out and play. Oooh and look closer, he even had his little gherkin pierced. I wonder was that so others might see his worthless dick or was it because he’s just so sad about having such a useless cock that he decided what the hell I will decorate the sad thing so at least it might look pretty. Either way Scott I have some bad news for you; no matter what you do the sad truth is your dick is too small to suck or fuck so I really can’t see you having any fun with the tiny cock that thought it could. But hey all’s not lost; you can always take more fun pics to amuse your lovely Queen.

Balloon Fuckers:

Are you a Balloon Fucker? Do you get aroused just thinking about the feel of a big rubber balloon rubbing next to your skin? How about the lovely smell of that just blown up balloon? Yes we know; all you need for a good time is an inflatable date, or should I say a big balloon just the right size for fucking. Rub them, fuck them, lick them, have loads of fun until you give it one poke to many and your balloon lover pops. Oh well happy fucking.

Sissies, Stockings, High Heels and Training:

So you have a thing for stockings and high heels do you? Feeling the desire to wear a pair of the Queen’s dirty pantyhose and worn out pumps? Does the thought of having my scent next to your skin get you aroused? lol Sure it does, and how do I know this, because you’ve told me so. Well I have good news for all of you sissies out there; I would be most happy to sell you a pair of used stockings fresh with my scent and oh yes a pair of high heels with my scent from years of use. Does that sound good to you? HAHA Hop to it then, all you have to do is pay to play and I will ship your treasures out to you. Now I ask you what more could you ask for?

I have nothing else to do, so I measure my small cock!

So you not only have a small dick but your sad enough to take the time to measure the tiny thing. This brings up a good question; do you really need to measure that itty thing to know it’s to damn small? Just take a good look down there and it should be easy enough for you to see yes indeed you do have a small dick. Another dead give away would be the fact that when women see your little cock they laugh and no fun night for you. Oh well back home to do the two finger wank for all you sad losers. Wank, wank, that’s all fun you will ever have with the useless tiny dick between your legs. All’s not lost though; you can always send the Queen a pic of the small dick that thought it could, and all of us can have a good laugh.

Halloween And Losers

Halloween is near can you losers smell it in the air? In case you losers haven’t noticed Halloween is the Queen’s favorite time of the year. A time for make believe, one night out of the year for anyone to get a chance to be something they normally wouldn’t have the nerve to be at any other time. What does this mean to all of you sorry losers out there? Well that’s an easy one to answer; sissy girls can dress up without worry of what others think, small dick wonders can make believe they are real men and dress macho in hopes of finding a woman. The skies the limit on this wondrous night for small dicks that dream of pleasing a woman, sissy girls that dream of pretty things, and sluts that dream of being a whore for the night. Now I know most of you twits don’t have a clue as to how to pull this off so the Queen is here to help you out. So here’s the deal; just give your lovely Queen a call and I will walk you through your night of fantasy. But remember; once the clock strikes midnight you’re night of make believe will soon be over and all you sad losers, sluts, tiny dicks and sissy girls will have to go back to being yourselves again. Have no fear my sweets, the Queen will be here to listen and laugh at you’re sad asses no matter what time of the year it is. Now doesn’t that make you feel better just knowing that you can always count on someone as fine as me to take time out of my busy day just to laugh at you?