Tease and Denial Cock Cage

I thought I would allow all of you to join in on the fun I’m having with one of my slaves. You see his cock has been locked up for two weeks now, and I’ve decided to keep his dick locked up for another long week. To add to his torture I will send him sexy pictures of his Queen to torment him each and everyday. I will also make him listen to recordings of my sultry Southern voice each day teasing him about stroking his hard cock, and how wonderful it would feel to move his hand up and down his hard shaft then bring him back down to earth with a nice cold slap. Poor thing by the time I’m done with him he will truly have blue balls. And yes I do enjoy tormenting him.

Queen of Small Dick Losers

All of you small cock losers need not worry; I’m still the Queen of small dicks. Even though I haven’t posted for a while that doesn’t mean I don’t still talk to my sad tiny pecker slaves. I’ve been busy with my racial humiliation website but still have my little dick followers. As you will see below this post a picture of another itty dick loser with his picture of shame. I know it’s hard to see, just barley peeking out but if you look closely you can see his useless cock. Every time I look at this sad excuse for cock I laugh so hard I have tears rolling down my face which makes it even harder to find his little tallywacker.

David Small Cock Shame

Cum Sluts and Big Black Dick:

So you’re a slut searching for a nice big cock to suck on? Don’t other to deny it, to many of you have told me in great detail of how much you fantasize about taking that hot throbbing piece of meat into your mouth for a nice long suck till you get a creamy treat gushing into your mouth and down your throat. Oh yes I know all about how much you desire to be a little faggot of the evening. Now since I’m in the mood to have some fun at your expense I thought I would offer up some advice. Now where to find that nice juicy cock of your dreams. Let’s see; you could put an add in magazine saying “cum slut in need of big dick with loads of cream”, go to an adult book store that has some fun back rooms with glory holes and wait for that tasty treat to peek through the hole or if I’m in the mood and you prove you’re worthy I could take you out and pimp you out as my slut for the night. Now you see loads of ideas there for you to work with. Oh and one more thing; I’ve made a new clip with advice on just how to suck that huge cock when you find one.

I’ll Huff and Puff:

There once were three little sluts. They were very close indeed and each lived next to the other. One little slut had a house of straw, which she thought suited her needs well. Another had a house made of mud and felt hers was the best house over all. The last had a house made of brick and surely thought her home was the grandest of all. They all lived a simple life but found they lacked for one thing. They each longed for a big strong man to share there days and nights. One day a stranger comes knocking on the door of the straw house. The slut goes to the door only to find this handsome brute at the door. Oh my she exclaims how may I help you. The stranger smiles, looks down at his pants and says why you can kindly suck my cock my dear. She squeals with glee and proceeds to do just what the handsome man ask of her. As time goes by he huffs and puffs, screams with pleasure at the good job she had done.
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Hard To Be Humble

Oh lord it’s hard to be humble when you are perfect like the Queen. I can’t wait to look in the mirror because I get better looking each day. Anything I drape upon my beautiful body only serves to enhance how exquisite I really am. I add touches of make-up to my porcelain complexion to drive the men wild. I know men love to look at the Queen, and many have dreams of serving the Queen, but few will ever prove worthy of this privilege. Little sissy boys would love to have the Queen teach them the fine art of applying make-up since I am just so damn good at everything I do. Oh lord I’ll never be humble, I am perfect at everything I do, and the best damn bitch you will ever meet. So if you ever feel the need to grovel at the feet of a perfect women, then dumb ass you know who to call.

A Story Of A Loser

The queen went to the store last night just to get a few things to fix for dinner. While standing in line waiting for the new check out girl to figure out how to run a credit card this man standing behind me starts talking to the queen. I turn and smile at him then ignore his sorry ass. When I finally finish my check out and walk out of the building I see out of the corner of my eye that this fool is running to catch up with me. Just when I get to my SUV and start to put my things in the back he comes up trying to talk to the queen yet again. Now as you should know by now the queen does not like to be bothered by pathetic losers. I turn and look him straight in the eyes, smile my most evil smile, and tell him to stop wasting my time and go look for someone in his own league. He then starts to beg the queen to take the time to get to know him. I start laughing, turn and look at him, tell him that I can tell that he is not worthy material for my talents and I never waste my time on spineless weasels. I then get into my auto, and notice as I’m pulling away that this fool is still standing there with this hopeless dumb ass look on his face. I could not help myself, first I smile, and then I started laughing and kept laughing the whole drive home. After that little bit of fun I thought dinner could wait so I sat back and had a nice glass of wine smiling at the memory of yet one more loser knocked down by the queen. HA HA, Next.

Officer Barney Fife, Another Sucker For The Queen… hehehehehe ;-)

Cops, cops oh how I love my fun with the fuzz. If there is one thing that this southern belle knows how

to do it’s to charm a pig. I never get a speeding ticket because as you should know by now I have my

special charms. I know from the moment the cop looks at me that I will be able to talk my way out of a

ticket, and I have never failed.

The other day I was in hurry and some fool cop with nothing better to do

pulls me over to get his ticket of the day. Well like always I can see the way that he is looking at me and

know that once again there will be no ticket for little ol’ me. I smile and sweet talk Mr. Cop Man and

since he is not use to anything as fine as me paying him such attention he is putty in my hands. I never

have to go on a date or sleep with the dumb ass; I just lead him to believe that he may have a chance

with something as hot as me. Then I drive off with him still standing there smiling and looking like the

idiot he really is. And yes I laugh all the way home.