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That's right losers; you've come to the right place. You've found the one and only Queen Of Phone Mean, the Bitch of your dreams. Small dick wonders, sissy sluts and losers one and all are all fair game when it comes to the Queens fun at your expense. Looking for a sweet Mistress; if that's the case you best move on then because I'm never sweet. Humiliation is my game; losers like you are here to serve me, obey me and most important; amuse me. I make the rules, if you can follow my rules then by all means give the Queen a call, but be warned; I will not play 20 questions with you, either know what you want or don't waste my time.

Feeling the need to be abused? 

You can call the Queen on Niteflirt
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I've also decided to do cam by request only !

If you would like to chat with the Queen on cam then send me an email to queenofphonemean@yahoo.com and set up an appointment. To be clear; I do not do Nudity, nor will moan and groan for you. I am a Mistress, if you don't understand what that means then once again don't waste my time.

Humiliation video clips for sale

The Queen has been kind enough to make some videos for you sad losers, which can be found here http://clips4sale.com/studio/34237 I will be adding new videos to this site often so check back everyday to see what new wonderful delights the Queen has been kind enough to treat you with. If there is something special you would like then by all means send me and email at queenofphonemean@yahoo.com and tell me about your request. Just to be clear; if you want a video made for you there will be a fee; the Queen does nothing for free as all of you should well know by now.

You can now follow the Queen on Twitter 

To find out what I am up to, who I feel worth mentioning or anything else I may care to talk about. Follow me at http://twitter.com/Phonemean



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